VPS Server Hosting
VPS Server Hosting

VPS Server Hosting – Advantages & Types Explained

Best VPS Server Hosting Plans

VPS hosting is one of the most popular forms of web services that we can see these days. The use of Virtual Private Servers has increased significantly in the last few years. VPS allows you to host your private server in a shared space. But, it is a lot different from what traditional shared servers are. At the same time, VPS can also help to deliver better efficiency to the users than shared servers. So, VPS Server Hosting is the new talk of the town, and more people are interested in using them when hosting their website online.

Let’s talk about what are the advantages of VPS hosting plans are and the two major kinds of Virtual Private Servers that exist in 2021.

Advantages of VPS Hosting Plans

VPS Server Hosting comes with a wide range of benefits that help the users in many ways. For years there was a huge gap between the shared servers and dedicated servers. Thankfully, VPS has been able to bridge it quite well. Check out the advantages of VPS hosting plans that you can enjoy –

  •      Better performance –shared servers are often plagued with low performance and inefficient uptime which can hamper your website image. VPS helps you to enjoy a great deal of performance because of the better availability of resources and tools. You will have more resources to deploy when your website needs them during rush hours or sudden peak in traffic.
  •      High-end resources –one of the best reasons to choose a VPS Server Hosting is to enjoy dedicated resources that are available for you. Private servers also have dedicated resources for your website, but they are very expensive. That is why a VPS is a more cost-effective solution for you. These high-end resources allow you to run your website without delay and tackle a surge in traffic without hassles.
  •      Better security –privacy and security in VPS hosting plans is much better when compared to shared servers. Your server will be isolated from others, and that helps your website to get better security at every stage. VPS providers also use high-end tools to secure your own website from outside interference. You also have the option to install other security systems.
  •      Better Scalability –if you are planning to expand your business in the future, then a VPS hosting plan offers you better options in terms of Scalability. The ability to scale your website helps you to safeguard your future endeavours and expand your business. You can load more resources and use better strategies to tackle increased sales.

So, these are the top advantages that you can enjoy when you subscribe to a VPS Server Hosting Plan. VPS hosting allows a website to evolve with time and helps to deliver a better value for money experience.

What Are The Different Types of VPS?

In today’s time, there are two major types of VPS that you can choose from – managed and unmanaged VPS hosting. Each of them has its own set of benefits and perks. Take a look at the two major types of VPS in this segment.

Managed VPS Hosting – a managed VPS is for beginners who have less or almost no experience in managing a website. In this type of hosting plan, the provider takes care of all the technical aspects of the website. They help you with the maintenance and also offers 24*7 support in case you face any issues. Technical support, malware protection, Denial of Service (DoS) protection, malware support and Vetted OS & sysadmin software upgrades are some of the crucial tasks that the provider takes care of.

Pros of Managed VPS Hosting –

  • Saves you a lot of time since you don’t have to deal with technical issues.
  • Advanced technical knowledge or experience is not required when working with a managed VPS.
  • A managed VPS hosting plan helps you to get all the software updates in time without any kind of delay.
  • You have full-time support from the web hosting provider, which allows you to manage the website efficiently.

Unmanaged VPS Hosting – if you are accustomed to dealing with different websites and have a lot of experience managing them, then unmanaged VPS Server Hosting is the best option for you. Unmanaged VPS Hosting gives the user full control of the website, and it’s different aspects. Therefore you can use your website in any way you like. However, all the core server tasks are now your full responsibility and not that of the provider. That is why proper experience is essential.

Pros of Unmanaged VPS Hosting –

  • Gives you far better controls when compared to a managed VPS. You have complete root access to the site.
  • You have full access to the different aspects of the website. You don’t need to ask for permission before making any modifications to the website.
  • Allows you to establish better security and technical plan when working with your website.
  • Unmanaged VPS Hosting allows you to scale your business in a far better way. You can utilise the resources without any interference and get the best performance out of it.

Both managed and unmanaged VPS Server Hosting plans are useful to different sets of website owners. They offer a wide range of benefits that we just talked about. Search the web and get hold of a reliable Cheap VPS Hosting provider and host your website. VPS will surely help your website to reach new heights and enjoy better results very soon.