Things you need to know about Chat GPT



An innovative language creation technique, Chat GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is a new search engine owned by Open AI. Chat GPT is similar to conversing with a chatbot that can write essays, programme, compose emails, and do many other things. A San Francisco-based startup created it. This firm has received significant investment from Microsoft and the co-founder of LinkedIn, proving that it is not some meaningless piece of technology. After the GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 families of substantial language models, it was constructed in November 2023. It is incredibly adept at solving difficult issues. Since it was introduced in 2022, Chat GPT has been utilised by millions of individuals.

Key Features of Chat-GPT

Characteristics of Chat-GPT


– Create a resume and cover letter: Chat-GPT created my first resume. When you ask Chat- Gpt to write your resume, it requests information about your education, employment background, and skills.

– Describe Complicated Concepts: To your amazement, your online tutor answers all of your questions. Simply state your issue and demand an explanation. Not a bad tutor, is it?

– Song Query: Well! This is not simply restricted to resumes and difficult problems. Writing titles for their lyrics also aids artists. Simply write your song and request a title.

Create Code: This AI model can aid in the creation of code in languages like Python, C , and Java.

How does the tool for Chat GPT operate?

It can successfully learn to do tasks requiring natural language processing while processing enormous amounts of text. To get a response from this AI, one must articulate their problem.

GPT Red Flags

It is prohibited in some nations, including China, Iran, North Korea, Russia, and Italy. A temporary ban and a €20 million fine have been levied by Italy due to privacy concerns. Use of AI chatbots like Chat GPT has brought to light issues with privacy invasions, bias, and the dissemination of incorrect information. Although there is still a long way to go before AI chatbots can be safely and securely used everywhere, Open AI is working to assuage concerns .

– Intelligence: The creator asserts that this model is extremely intelligent and is fully knowledgeable. However, it failed the JEE entrance exam in India since it provided only 11 right responses, which caused it to flunk the paper. However, it has successfully completed the Wharton MBA exam. Although it appears that the AI chatbot can answer any query, the responses should not be taken as gospel.

– Lack of emotional intelligence: Chat GPT can understand and interpret words, but it lacks emotional maturity. Because of this, it might find it challenging to comprehend and effectively respond to more complex human emotions, which could lead to unsatisfactory or incorrect responses.

In conclusion, Chat GPT has been developed, although it is not as advanced as Google. However, it will eventually be updated with fresh modifications, and companies like Microsoft have also invested in improving their search engine. In the future, Chat GPT will be used more regularly.

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