The Complete Cheap Windows VPS Guide: Onlive Server

Introduction To Cheap Windows VPS

If you refer to VPS Records, it means a Virtual Private Server that runs on Windows – Microsoft’s operating system. There are several versions of Windows Server available. Customers can choose according to their resource requirements. Businesses can access the resources and upgrade their standard hosting plans to a higher level without having to charge for expensive services like hosting. Onlive Server offers Cheap Windows VPS at reasonable prices.

Infrastructure and Networking:

Data Center Location:

Most modern data centers are geographically spread, which ensures that the network is of high quality and has low latency and each ultra-modern data center is manned by on-site staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Multi-service Internet connectivity guarantees absolute reliability, backed by a fire removal system, backup power generator, continuous video surveillance, and a secure pass-card entry system. Layered constraints ensure that your hosting is ironclad.

A Professionally Conducted Service:

Windows VPS servers guarantee a support ticket response in less than 1 hour under any support agreement. Fully controlled operations also includes best effort deployment of equipment for 24×7 server monitoring, efficient server maintenance, and maintenance of third parties, OS, and control panels.

Through switching to a Windows VPS, root access, domain stability, privacy, and web traffic/load control are all added benefits. Most hosting providers can edit the difference at any time to upgrade the additional resources in the various Windows VPS packages and going to host Windows VPS can be the right choice for you. This allows for more power, stability, and versatility on your website.

Switch to Cheap Windows VPS:

Heavy traffic: This means that you use a lot and you are also notified about the available services of your hosting provider.

Privacy and Security: You get 100% privacy and security with a cheap Windows VPS because you have a private server to run your own servers separately.

Root Server Access: Your website host has full control to complete advanced and latest features.

Web loading times increase: If your Web site takes time to load multiple plug-ins that request PHP and SQL, you may find that the Cheap Windows VPS hosts your website.

Secure your Cheap Windows VPS:

You ought to be generally worried about getting your Windows VPS. After receiving your VPS login data, the first and foremost thing to do is to protect your VPS from errant users. Security is essential when you go online. The security of your SSD VPS hosting against most can increase significantly.

Windows VPS offers many advantages to companies. Companies starting their hosting service may split a single server space into different digital servers. Relatively, they can sell to their customers with cheaper packages. It helps consumers host and manage bulky websites, streams a variety of services, and store huge amounts of data. Not only are there cost-savings, but resourcefulness and scalability are fundamental advantages of Windows VPS hosting. With this feature, the life of business owners is simplified as there is usually no expectation of potential web traffic.

Get other best services by Onlive Server

VPS stands for the virtual private server. It’s web hosting that you can rent for a short period of time. You can choose a VPS server depending on your needs and budget. It is the most affordable web hosting solution today.

Onlive Server has the best Cloud VPS servers with the lowest price and high performance. The most suitable VPS server is one of our core values, which allows you to choose the VPS that meets your budget and performance requirements.

It also comes with the most advanced server technology to provide you with a high-performance and reliable hosting environment for your business. It also offers amazing VPS hosting services to build your own cloud solution. Our Cloud VPS plans come with SSD storage, all the necessary software, and 24×7 support at no extra cost.


A wide variety of operating system model systems are provided through Windows VPS with a stable VPS service. Specifications for Windows Server, Flexible Planning Solutions are perfect if they want to expand rapidly with little worry about it. Onlive Server also offers the best and most amazing Cloud VPS at affordable prices and it has several features to choose from. You can customize our services as per your needs.