Onlive Server Offer the Best Cheap Windows VPS Hosting

Onlive Server offers Cheap Windows VPS Hosting plans that are defined by their performance, reliability, and affordable pricing. Our Windows VPS Hosting is perfect for both websites and Microsoft-based applications. It’s incredibly easy to set up your Windows VPS, and all you need to do is choose which plan you want to get started with, check out, and follow the instructions we provide you. Whether you need cheap Windows VPS hosting or WordPress web hosting, Onlive Server has the solution you’re looking for! We also offer 24/7 world-class customer support through phone, email, and chat – our team is here for all your questions and will get them answered in no time at all. Now go make an account today, enjoy these high-quality windows hosting services, and start running!

What Is a Cheap Windows VPS?

A virtual private server (VPS) is a virtual machine sold as a service by a web hosting provider. VPS hosting enables customers to have more control over their server, and have more flexibility in how they use it. In general, a cheap VPS will have more limitations than one that is expensive. Some providers offer both cheap and premium options, depending on your needs. For example, if you’re running multiple applications or databases, you may want to consider going with a higher-end plan which allows for larger processing power or RAM usage. Onlive Server offers both.

Why You Should Choose Cheap Windows VPS from Onlive Server?

Most affordable plans are defined by two things: 1) how much power they can handle, and 2) how quickly they respond to user requests. With that in mind, you should choose Onlive Server’s Cheap Windows VPS hosting if you want a reliable hosting provider that is capable of handling even your most complex requests. Onlive Servers have established itself as one of the best web hosting providers because of their commitment to offering fantastic quality at prices lower than any other competing provider. From our shared Windows VPS Hosting to our Managed Dedicated server accounts, we provide some of the best low-cost options available. Our high standards for performance and reliability mean you won’t experience downtime when relying on us for your website or Microsoft applications; if there is an outage with your account, we will compensate by extending our money-back guarantee for an additional 30 days. We like being transparent about our uptime guarantee so that all users understand what kind of service they will receive from us.

How To Buy the Right Cheap Windows VPS?

For those looking to start a website, or add a new Microsoft-based application such as SharePoint or SQL Server, there’s no question that you need to host your content on reliable hardware and software. Our Windows VPS hosting plans are more affordable than ever before, but you should still know what to look for. The first step is choosing which version of our virtual private server (VPS) fits your business best. If your budget allows it, we recommend going with an Intel Xeon processor. However, if cost is an issue, we have other options that won’t compromise performance too much.

Fast Process of Setting up a new Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Onlive Server offers a smooth transition process of setting up a new Virtual Private Server (VPS). With our user-friendly cPanel, you can easily create and modify your website. You will be notified by email as soon as your Windows VPS is ready to use. All necessary information regarding how to connect with your Windows VPS will be found in that email. In addition, we’ve included detailed tutorials so you can effortlessly install WordPress on your new virtual server.

How to Configure WordPress on Your New Virtual Private Server (VPS) With cPanel

A Step-by-Step Guide: So, you’ve just bought a virtual private server (VPS) and you want to install WordPress on it. While that’s simple enough to do, it can be complicated if you have no idea what cPanel is, or how to use FTP to get your website online. So, before we begin installing WordPress on our new Web Hosting account using cPanel, let’s look at what cPanel is and how we can make use of it. The cPanel control panel is one of a number of software interfaces available for both Unix-based servers like ours as well as Microsoft Windows servers. Some other popular alternatives include Plesk and Interworx, but they all provide similar functionality to allow users to control their websites without having an advanced understanding of how their service works.


If you’re looking for affordable, reliable, and powerful WordPress Web Hosting for your websites, then consider Onlive Server. Our Windows VPS servers offer excellent performance and outstanding stability. We provide 24/7 support through multiple channels (phone, ticket, email). And if any of these aspects are important to you, it’s hard to find a better alternative than us. Check out our plans today!

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