BOD Incubator – To Make the Laboratory Testing Easy

The biochemical oxygen demand, often known as BOD, is a measurement that is used to determine how healthy a body of water is (such as river or pond). When we talk about the “health” of the water, we are referring to the quantity of oxygen that is dissolved in it. The (BOD) of a body of water is determined by the quantity of oxygen that is used by microorganisms during the process of breakdown of organic waste. This oxygen is essential for the survival of aquatic life, such as fish. Dissolved oxygen levels in water should be between 7 and 9 ppm for optimal health.

Objective of Bod incubator

The biological oxygen demand, or BOD, is the quantity of oxygen that is used by microorganisms during the process of decomposition of organic matter in water bodies. The incubators are often referred to as low-temperature incubators since they are used for the growth of fungal species, both of which need a somewhat cool environment in order to mature.

Bacteria begin to grow in an environment that has been contaminated by rotting organic matter such as food waste, dead animals, waste from meat, or leaves that have fallen into the water. These substances serve as nourishment for the bacteria. For the purpose of their own respiration, bacteria consume up the dissolved oxygen in the water as they multiply. Because of this, there is a reduction in the quantity of oxygen that is dissolved in the water. The more pollution there is, the more bacteria will develop, and as a result, there will be a greater drop in the quantity of dissolved oxygen. 

In most research facilities, bacteriological and biochemical oxygen requirements (BOD) confirming tests are carried out on a daily basis, and this necessitates the use of BOD incubators. Bod incubator manufacturers India are also offered in a different kind known as the walk-in bod incubators, which may be purchased in a range of different sizes. The incubator is also capable of being outfitted with a variety of supplementary attachments, such as a humidity system, fluorescent tube illumination, digital timer and humidity control, and an arrangement for incubating a combination of CO2 and air.

Benefits Of BOD Incubators 

BOD incubators are the biological oxygen demand incubators which are also known as renowned low temperature incubators that are apt for growing mold and yeast. The BOD incubators are especially designed to maintain a temperature of minimum 200C. The BOD incubators are imperative to determine BOD. The tests of BOD are mainly used to determine the relative oxygen required for microorganisms in wastewaters, polluted water, or effluents. There are many BOD incubator manufacturers which make good quality BOD incubators at a relatively reasonable rate. There are numerous BOD incubators that offer controlled conditions for storage of seed germination, sensitive cell cultures, vaccines, culture of bacteria, and serum incubation. 

Which Industrial Sectors Make Use Of BOD Incubators? 

In the current times, there have been strict enforcement levied on the environmental measures by regulatory agencies. There are several agencies which treat and test the wastewater. This issue can be simplified with the excellent range of BOD incubators. Aside from wastewater management, there are several industries such as pharmaceuticals, research laboratories, agriculture, and beverage sectors which can use the BOD incubators. These industries make use of BOD incubators in a large amount.

Ultimate Benefits Of BOD Incubators 

  1. BOD incubators can be customized as per the customers’ requirements. The BOD incubator manufacturers understand the need of customization. In order to meet their diverse requirements, you can get several customization options. You can also get accessories in BOD incubators which can make bacterial incubators fit to their specific needs. 
  2. BOD incubators are perfect for 37 degree incubation. It means that you can adjust BOD incubators to 37 degrees. BOD gives an exact and accurate temperature. 
  3. BOD incubators are highly durable. BOD incubators are made up of glass wool insulation. You can use BOD incubators for a long period of time.
  4. There is an observation glass window at the door of the BOD incubators. You can use the samples inside without opening the door of the BOD incubators.